UP560 3D Scanner

UP560 3D Scanner

UP560 3D Scanner is an Ultra-high speed, true color texture, and RPD’s assistant.

UP560 achieves new upgrade based on UP360 series, with dual 3 megapixels cameras (high frame rate), realized faster and clearer capture image, and provides more efficient and accurate data for the digital dental industry.


17s 12-units die scan
21s All in one scan
15s Full arch scan
Open system: Compatible .ply format file, import true color texture file to 3shape and Exocad system directly.
Big articulator scan: Capture occlusion relationship directly by side-lay scanning big articulators.
UPSCAN APP: Easy to operate scanning software, free update.
Margin line: Draw margin line in UPSCAN and export margin data to design software.
Open system: Open stl output and integrated with exocad and dentalwings.


• Precision: <6 Microns
• Camera: Dual 3.0 MP (High frame rate)
• Size: 305*310*550 (mm)
• Weight: 14kg
• Speed: 12
• Multi-dies scan: 17 sec
• Full arch scan: 15 sec
• All in one scan: 21 sec
• Output formats: STL; UM; PLY; OBJ
• Interface: USB 3.0
• Scanning principle: Non-contact automatic scanning
• Power supply: AC110-220V, 50HZ
• Projector: Customized blue-light, support multi-colour scanning
• Functions:
All in one scanning
One click scanning triple tray
Mark margin line in scan software
Improved uncut model scanning
Scan abutments at one time
Better performance for scanning impression
Post-core solution scan
The abutments replacement function
Improved faster and better camera
True color scanning


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