Up360 3D Scanner

Up360 represent the world’s first specialized uncut- model scanner. With the advanced and accurate technology in this scanner, it assures high precisions image and scan without dead angle.

Multi-color projector delivers specialist for scanning of deep colored model such as deep red or blue marks. Likewise, it is easy to switch between white/ red/ blue color.


• Draw margin line in UPSCAN and export margin data to design software
• Real color-scan of model with pencil mark helps a better and easier design of removable.
• Scan full mouth implants at one time
• Easily get the occlusion relationship without scanning the articular
• Size: 305×310×550
• Technology: Structure blue light
• Weight: 14kg
• Camera: 2*2.0 (MP)
• Projector: Customized blue light
• Interface: USB 3.0
• Precision:6μm
• Input: 0AC 110-220V, 50HZ
• Output:STL/PLY/UM/OB

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Weight 14 kg
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