S3 Laser Machine

S3 Multiple Wavelength Dental Laser
– 470nm & 650nm & 980nm or 810nm (choose either one)
– The most popular combinations is 470nm 3w+980nm 7W+650nm 200mW
– 470nm wavelength has the best performance for soft tissue surgery
– For Professionals
– Dentist can always use optimal wavelength to treat different oral problem
– Preset procedures, customization and favourites (quick and expert mode)
– 57 Protocols offer great safety in any dental procedures
– Compact, ultra high-resolution touch display
– Fast selection of treatment with procedure tutorial guide
– Super-fast cooling system
– Metallic robust casing
– Direct WiFi update enables the latest software and expandable functions
– Two hybrid solutions: 470/650/810 and 470/650/980
– Maximize scope of indications
– Best application efficiency with specific wavelength

Dental treatments:
Surgical, Aesthetic, Endo, Theraphy, Restorative, Implant, Perio & etc.

Multi-Functional Handpiece, TMJ Theraphy Tip, Whitening Tip, Biostimulation Tip, Disposable Fiber Tip

Laser Module: 5 years
Device: 3 years
Accessories: 1 year

Clinical Resources:
When you have any clinical questions, our qualified clinicians provide real-time video guidance to solve your problem face-to-face.


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