P5 Dental Milling Machine

P5 Smart Dental Dry Milling Machine


5-Axis simultaneous milling: Special material-saving processing strategy and nesting method. Zirconia disk C-clamp mode.
One-piece framework structure: Durable in use, more stable and anti-dust.
High precision and high speed milling: Max feed rate can reach 3000mm/min, max rotate speed is 4000-6000 RPM.
Highly Integration of UPCAM and P5: Customized milling strategies according to the customer’s requirement.
Auto calibration: The most convenient and smart control system among the dental milling machines.
Wide application: Support multiple restoration cases.


• Dimension 620×430×560(mm)
• Weight: 72kg
• Max power: 0.8KW
• Spindle power: 0.52KW(max)
• Milling mode: Dry milling
• Max feed rate: 3000mm/min
• Tool capacity: 11
• Spindle cooling: Air cooling
• Input voltage: AC 100~235V, 50~60Hz
• Milling range X/Y/Z:165/135/70mm
B :360°
• Axis quantity: 5-axis simultaneous
• Tools changing: Automatic (air pressure>0.5 MPa)
• Max rotate speed : 40,000~60,000rpm
• Milling time: Zirconia (Coping):10min , Wax: 6min
• Milling materials: Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Wood
• Tools: 2+1+0.6mm, Φ4

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